EVS – Commercial Grade Steel

The best in its category!

Strong, robust, light. The Evolution Steel (EVS) tent is the most advanced of its generation. In constant evolution, our EVS range will surprise you again and again.

Its 6 available sizes, revolutionary quick setup concept (without having to remove the roof) allow the EVS to respond to the constraints that professional use generates. Today's best value on the market, it will become the privileged partner of all your outdoor activities.


In the EVS range, you can have the following dimensions:

Square: 13x13 10x10
Rectangle: 20x10 15x10

General Presentation

The EVS range, our flagship product, is the culmination of more than ten years of optimization. The EVS symbolizes our experience in terms of quality, sturdiness and simplicity - which places it amongst the most high performance canopies in its category. Ideal for professional use, V3 structures are composed of 100% aluminium frame and 30% fibreglass reinforced polypropylene junction parts. These technical features provide excellent lightness manageability as well as extremely high resistance. The EVS' strongest points

A EVS weights an average of 66 lbs for a capacity of 100 to 200 sq. ft.and measures less than 5 sqft when closed. These features are the reason why the EVS tents are the best on his market.


Roof & Walls

Canopy roof features

In line with our reputation of upscale products manufacturer, our EVS team has designed attractive, functional and robust canopy covers. Benefiting from optimal technical features, all our roofs resist the most extreme weather conditions.

The EVS range roofs

Perfectionist, passionate, visionary... highlight your canopy! Decorating a gazebo is a matter of taste, desire and necessity. Walls with windows, square door... you name it, we can discuss the wide range of possibilities we offer.