EVA – Event Ready Aluminum

The economical alternative!

The new Evolution Aluminum (EVA) Tent model gleams with brilliance. We selected this structure for the qualities expected by our demanding customers wishing to have a canopy at a lower price.

Extremely easy to use, reliable and robust, lightweight and handy, the EVA Tent is designed to be set up in less than 30 seconds at any time and in any weather.

Treat yourself to the new generation of canopies at an ultra-reduced price - with the EVA Tent!


In the EVA range, you can have the following dimensions:

Square: 10x10   -   Rectangle: 20x10 15x10

General Presentation

A new way of thinking!

Extremely easy to use, reliable, light and robust, the EVA is designed to be set up in less than 30 seconds at any time and under any weather. We want to provide an affordable canopy to our customers without neglecting the quality! Your EVA can go everywhere with you and will quickly become essential to your business.

The strong points of the EVA

As well as our other canopies, the Spider Tent has an elaborated design which gives a very good general quality: Distinctive features do not always depend on the price!


Roof & Walls

Canopy features

The most technical part of a canopy is its roof. We have chosen only the best suppliers, and our teams have designed the most aesthetic, functional and robust roofs. Benefiting from optimal technical features, all of our roofs resist the most extreme weather conditions.

Reinforced roof and self-locking strap

All top surfaces in contact with the structure are reinforced with an extra PVC strip. This gives a lifespan that will meet to your expectations. The self-locking strap holding the cover to the structure guarantees optimal tension of the fabric.

High frequency welding

In order to ensure a completely waterproof product, some seams are welded together using high frequency technology.



To facilitate the setup of the walls and your canopy, all of our covers are equipped with 1 inche Velcro.

The EVA range offerings

Perfectionist, passionate, visionary... highlight your canopy!

Decorating a gazebo is a matter of taste, desire and necessity. Walls with windows, square door... and all other possibilities that we can provide you with.

Fabric and Colour


The EVA Tent roof and walls were designed to withstand any weather over a long period. 8 oz coated polyester, high-quality material and reliability that you can count on for optimum duration of your equipment.

Available colours

Coated polyester: White, black, blue… Looking for originality or simplicity? Own a unique product that goes with your image, without compromising on creativity.