With a name like it is clear that we provide the products that you need for your event.

The team at have over 60 years of combined event and event marketing experience under our belts. We take the team approach seriously here at, as this company was not started by one person looking to turn a quick buck, but rather by a group of four people that had a common mindset, to offer you, our clients, great gear at fair prices that live up to the name

Our senior team members have not only been the sellers of tents, canopies, flags and other promotional items, but also buyers and users of all these items. So, we took the time to develop the best products we could for our clients to use in the field.

It's our hope that as you look for a supplier that you consider our team - we truly do work for you and will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations, so that we can be more than just your supplier, we can be your partner.

We specialize in the manufacture and customization of rapid deployment Event Marketing Products or what we call EventHardware.

It only takes 30 seconds and practically no effort to put up one of our tents!

Our team has been totally involved in developing a company proud of its products:

Frame Manufacturing Division

Our manufacturing division is constantly striving for perfection with every frame, flag pole and component that they make. It was this drive for perfection that had us streamline our components so that the composite parts for the Evolution Tent Series of Pop-Up Frames regardless of if they are Aluminum or Steel are the same. This way clients are never stuck wondering what part to order if needed.

With more than 15 different types of tents, our team achieve:

  • Aluminum profiles manufacturing.
  • Metal components machining.
  • Inventory management.
  • Packaging chain


Our sewing team guarantees that each and every individual order will be filled quickly and efficiently.

Our production is flexible and adapted to small or big orders.

We use state of the art sewing technologies.


If you want to develop your communication tools, promote your company images, we can provide a solution adapted to your needs. As a leader in foldable canopies, we offer the best solution to our customers. We use different printing techniques according to the different fabrics and quantity required.

Learn more about Custom Printing

Research and Development

We are always ready to listen to your suggestions and needs and we never cease to improve and innovate.

The department of research and development is responsible for creating new tent components and accessories.

We draw and create product prototypes, fine tune and monitor production to ensure that every EventHardware component is compatible with the technical specifications in terms of quality and safety.